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Thread of the forum OBA APPRAISAL

By: RAJIV THYAGARAJAN490 | Published: 14/04/2011 06:02 | |
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 1
PHONE : 0091-0761-2622413 BISHOP'S HOUSE
0091-0761-4018322 "SNEHSADAN"
FAX : 0091-0761-2624360 JABALPUR - 482001
E-mail : (MP) INDIA
Lt.Col Walter D'Souza,
President, O.B.A
St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School,
I. Ahilyabai Marg,
Dear Walter,
Greetings from Bishop's House, Jabalpur!
I am happy to learn that the Old Boys Association of St, Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur,
founded in 1932 by late Mr. E.P.O' Sullivan, plans to review the past, assess the strength, and organize an
appraisal on the functioning of the Association.
I am sure; organizing a review of the past with an objective of enhancing the functioning of the Association
will go a long way in making the Association more attractive, relevant and efficient.
It is noteworthy that the Association has already celebrated its Silver, Golden and Platinum Jubilees. I wish
more and more ex students join the Association and make it a model for all other Associations to serve the
Institutions. There are always enough and more areas where veterans can contribute and inspire the ongoing
formation of the coming generation.
On this occasion I assure you of my cooperation and look forward to a more meaningful and active participation
of greater number of Old Students in the growth of the Association. May God Bless you.
With kind regards,
Your sincerely in Christ,
Gerald Almeida
Bishop of JABALPUR
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 2
1, Ahilyabai Marg Sadar
Phone - 0761-2620093 (O),
2624970 (R)
Affiliated with Central Board of
Secondary Education, New Delhi:
Affiliation No. 1030055
Visit at :
E -Mail : Principal@
Fr . Thankachan Jose 24th March, 2009
Lt. Col. Walter D' Souza
Dear Lt. Col. D'Souza,
Love and Greetings from St. Aloysius S.S. School Jabalpur
It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate you on your successful efforts to revive the O.B.A.
The OBA has passed the Silver, Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee landmarks and moved into the
next millennium. It is therefore and excellent idea to carry out an appraisal of the past decade. This would
form an excellent platform for launching future projects to uplift the Association in areas most needed.
I appreciate your hard work and devotion towards this new venture. While the challenges are great, I am
convinced that your team of dedicated and committed Old Boys will definitely succeed in reaching their
Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.
Wishing you success in your endeavour.
Fr. Thankachan Jose
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 3
Dear Members,
The present depends on the past and the future depends on the
present. Silver Jubilee Golden Jubilee Diamond Jubilee and now the
Platinum Jubilee have come and gone.
With the above theme in mind we have to, like the corporate world cary
out an appraisal realistic (appraisal) of our Association. We have to mark
time in the present so we can review the past. Let us put our past under
a microscope and assess our strengths and weaknesses in all aspects
of our functioning. Let us calibrate our Association based on the above
and tell ourselves truthfully where we stand E-excellent VG - very
good G - good A- average.
This magazine will carry fair, frank and forthright assessment-no
corners cut words minced-no pulled punches. The build up to the Platinum
Jubilee and the celebrations itself were a good yardstick for the
assessment exercise
The theme for assessment is taken from Mathew 7verse 16 it is by the
fruit that you shall know them.
All our achievements progress and innovations are indicated by a star
at the heading of the article
Walter DSouza
The cover of our Appraisal 1996 - 2006 and the Platinum Jubilee 2007
carries the new entrance to our Alma Mater.
The new impressive entrance beckons all by day and glows by
night, All heads turn as they pass on the erstwhile "Kingsway" by any means
of transport. or as a pedestrian. It was Fr George PA the previous Principal's
gift to the school.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 4
At each AGM a favorite complaint was "I wasn't informed" "I never knew". The new committee
was a complete overhaul of the previous committee. The AGM was held as late as Oct 96 and the
new President occupied the chair. Without going into the depth of the complaint the President Walter
DSouza said that in future he would ensure each local member would be informed of all functions. It
was not an empty promise. Today a scheme has been formulated to reach out to each local member
and it is working.
What about you? When you are informed do you try and get in contact with a committee
member and make it easier for him to enroll you and family for a function? Do you make it easier for
the committee by suggesting a simpler method to contact you for delivery of messages, letters,
circulars, especially if you are far out ? Do you accept the method of delivery or have a formal oulook?
From the days of "I was not informed" to date there is a vast improvement. The committee is
committed to reaching out to you try, where you can , to meet us halfway!
The contact system was a success. Each local member was being informed of the date,
time, place of the next social function for members and their families.
Now there was a twist in the tail. Members expect a committee member to contact them at
home and request them to join a social or an Annual Function. Many a time a member has to call on
more than once to get an affirmative reply and the payment.
A central place was given for the Platinum Jubilee Dec 07 functions so one could collect his
invitation. The response was not as expected. From the grape vine we heard that the lack of personal
contact drew a lukewarm response.
Jabalpur is a small city. We have committee members conveniently placed and easily
contactable. You/they all have phones both landline and mobiles, Let us change our attitude. When
we are informed of a function let us make an attempt to contact our closest committee member
and join the function.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 5
One of the traditions handed down to us by the previous Committee was a subsidised function
that included dinner.
A very nominal fee was charged of Rs 30/- per adult Rs. 20/00 per student and children under five
years FREE. With the passage of time and rising costs this was raised by Rs 10/- at each level.
A social included lighting, decorations of a hired hall, a band, PA system, and a three course dinner.
Games were arranged for all age groups with prizes. Dancing for the elders was enjoyed too.
The function was conducted between 7 pm and 11 pm, closing with Tombola which was on popular
demand with attractive prizes.
These subsidised functions with dinner thrown in, came to be taken for granted. Later members
complained to our Committee member (who went around) that the charges of Rs. 40/- 30/- were
too high.
May we ask where in todays world would any member of any organization enjoy an evening of
entertainment and dinner for under Rs 150/00 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children?
The subsidy was a strain on the OBA funds the Organizing Committee felt that it was not correct that
local members and their families should enjoy subsidised functions at the cost of the funds
subscribed by the outstation members.
It was decided that future socials/dances would not be subsidised nor dinner provided. This did not
include the Feast Day get together after Mass in the Cathedral Only snacks will be served on this
occasion and as far as possible no hall will be hired. This cuts down on the expenses.
One of the matters that required immediate attention was the scholarships given out annually by the
Association. The scholarships policy was contained on just one sheet of paper with no details of how to
apply and lacking publicity.
The scholarship issue was given top priority and a detailed 5 page policy letter was sent out.
With the system for applying being more specific and detailed the number of applications increased
and as a result the number of progeny of our Old Boys who benefitted increased appreciably.
The first positive step for the betterment of the Old Boys Association had been taken.
From time to time these awards are reviewed and increased as per the changing figures of
interest. The latest survey and review of the scholarship fund is given below. The application form for
each scholarship remains as per our letter dated 27 Aug 98
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 6
The New list of Scholarship awards with effect from academic session 2007-08
Fr. Rooymans Awards.
Selection for these awards is done by the Principal, SASS. There are 3 awards of Rs.
300.00 each. Total Rs. 900.00
High School award Rs. 300.00
Middle School award Rs. 300.00
Primary School award Rs. 300.00
Major Stanley Reinboth Awards.
Selection for these awards is done by the Principal, SASSS. There are 3 awards of
Rs. 200.00 each Total Rs. 600.00
High School award Rs. 200.00
Middle School award Rs. 200.00
Primary School award Rs. 200.00
Mr. E.P. O'Sullivan Awards.
Selection for these awards is done by the Principal. SASSS. There are 3 awards of Rs.
200.00 each. Total Rs.600.00
High School award Rs. 200.00
Middle School award Rs. 200.00
Primary School award Rs. 200.00
Mr. Lewis Sequeira Award.
Selection for this award is done by the Principal, SASSS one award of Rs. 200.00
Total Rs. 200.00
Students of any class - one award Rs. 200.00
Mr. & Mrs Carinhas Pinto Awards.
Through this award Catechism/ Moral Science text books to the overall total value of Rs. 300.00 is given to
the students obtaining first position in Catechism / Moral Science for all classes in the School .
Noshir Dick & Brothers Poor Scholar's Award.
The selection for these awards is done by the Principal,
SASSS. Given to any deserving student of the School.
Three awards. Rs. 300.00 each. Total Rs. 900.00
The total awards given by the Principal, SASSS will be Rs. 3500.00
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 7
Over the years a major point always surfaced regarding the appointments of the President and
Vice President of our OBA.
It was difficult for the media and some other agencies to understand the character of duties who
held these appointments. The Principal of St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School is the ex officio President
of the OBA. Now this confuses the media and other agencies.
In order to streamline this aspect, a major step was taken by the managing committee and passed
by a clear majority in favour of now renaming the appointment of President as Chairperson and the Vice
President as President of the OBA.
So on 26th June 2005 our President was elevated and our Principal Fr. George P.A. was put on a
pedestal as the Chairperson.
Executive Committee
The appointment is not important. It is your work contribution
to the organization that is important.
The Diamond Jubilee of our Association was celebrated in Dec. 1992. We depend largely on
donations from our well wishers, members, advertisers and supporters to fuel the funds so we could run
the Platinum Jubilee Celebration in a fitting manner.
In Oct. 1996 at the AGM a new committee was appointed which took over from some golden
oldies who were efficiently handling the fiscal affairs.
The Managing Committee had young blood infused into its ranks like our present Indian 20-20 and
One Day team that tamed Australia 2007-2008.
Money makes the mare go. Let us compare the financial situation at the close of the financial year
1996-1997 and as it stood in 2006-2007 ten years later.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 8
Mr. Vincent D'Souza
Walter D'Souza
No this is not about that famous movie starring Charlton Heston. It's about the Old Boy's Association
and its Committee and members.
In the above train the driver is the President, the guard the Secretary, and the support staff the joint
Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members.
Where do you place yourself on the OBA train in AC-I, II, III, or a steeper class passenger who has
bought a ticket (Life Membership) and relaxes and sleeps through the journey? If you are, then wake up and
lets contribute our mite and talents to the OBA cause.
Let us today make a resolve to be an active member, to religiously respond to the letters and
circulars so faithfully delivered at you doorstep. Let us strive to think big and offer only constructive criticism.
Our next landmark the OBA Centenary 2032. Have we get it in us to carry our Association to that
landmark? ge gsakxs dke;kc----
Particulars 1996-97 2006-07 Increased by Percentageincrease
(A) General Fund Account -
Cash in hand 3975.86 22.26
Cash in bank 6082.05 25154.05
Investment 79000.00 135070.00
Total (A) - 89057.91 160246.31 71188.40 55.57%
(B) Scholarship Fund Account-
Cash in hand 00.00 0.00
Cash in bank 6061.30 14380.30
Investment 62657.00 122353.00
TOTAL (B) - 68718.30 136733.30 68015.00 50.25%
GRAND TOTAL - 157776.21 296979.61 139203.40 53.12%
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 9
Discover the 3 way advantage of having a
i. Dynamic President ii. Hardworking Secretary iii. Reliable Treasurer
"It is by the fruit that you shall know them." ( Mathew 12:33-35, Mathew 7:16)
(a) Innovative thoughts (b) Dynamic action (c) Relentless pursuit of progress
- OBA Executive Committee
The OBA is not interested in excuses made, it is only interested in work done
so that we forge ahead as a wholesome Association
Time always throws up a leader
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 10
Dear Sir,
The Old Boys' Association of your Alma Mater salutes you on your 98th birthday-what a glorious
Not Father Time nor Mother Nature has been able to dim the enthusiasm and the fires of passion
and love for your old school and the Old Boys' Association.
The Members of OBA rise up as one to applaud your infectious vibrancy at this ripe old age. your
signature appended at the bottom of your letter is an inspiration for all who see it. Onward to a well deserved
Good Health and God Bless.
The Organizing Committee
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
On 25th February 2009 Dr. Victor Fernandes completed 99 years. The President Walter
D'Souza wished Dr. via the fly who had come to Pune to celebrate his birthday. The telephonic birthday
greetings was greatly appreciated by his family.
Someone asked Bob Hope "Who would want to live to be a hundred"
He replied anyone who is ninety nine.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 11
chorus Viva-La-Viva-La-Viva-La-de(thrice)
We are the Members of the OBA
Together we make a cheerful band
Mr. O'Sullivan is the Founder Member
St. Aloysius is our Patron Saint
We rally under the OBA flag
We strive to maintain our tra-di-tions
Viva- La-Company
The OBA has stood the test of time
We have stepped into the new millennium
God Bless our Founder and the OBA
May it grow from strength to strength
The OBA has successfully completed 75 years. Many a Member has contributed in his own way to
the growth and streamlining of procedures. Today the OBA has made great strides in many aspects of its
One major requirement was our exclusive anthem. Each member was requested to send his
composition with or without music. There was no response from any member around the globe.
It was our innovative President Walter D'Souza and his musically talented wife Melaney D'Souza
who put their heads together to give us an aptly worded anthem with an easy-to-remember tune.
Few and far between are schools that have an ex-students' association but only one has an anthem
of their own VIVA-LA -OBA.
The OBA Executive Committee
Composed by: Walter D'Souza
Ask not what the OBA can do for you, ask what you can do for the OBA
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 12
The OBA completed 75 years since founding in 2007. Our founder Mr. E.P. O'Sullivan handed over
a well oiled machine. The golden oldies of yesteryear Lt Col B.G. D'Souza Mr. A.D. D'Lima and
Mr. Frank DMello all well over, 70 years took over the reins and kept the wheels moving. Many of our very
senior members have joined our Founder across the great divide.
The Association has crossed into the next millennium thanks to the solid foundation and constitution
given to us by our Founder in 1932.
The train is a very appropriate article reproduced from our Platinum Jubilee Souvenir 2007. What
has been your contribution to the OBA over the years that you have been a Life Member ?
In the recent past (1997) the OBA has been fully revived. Members have been contacted the world
over. Letters circulars Souvenirs Telephone Directory cum Address Book News Letter have been delivered
at your doorstep. Has a spirit of revival surged within you. In all these years what is your cooperation/
contribution in any form ?
Make a start today your suggestions/opinion/views constructive criticism and appreciation may be
sent by post/ by hand via the pullout sheet enclosed. Do not forget to include before posting what is your
contribution/support to the OBA since you became a member.
Your remarks when compiled and discussed will help our Association grow.
SOLI KEKI NOSHIR JEHANGIR AND FALI all ex students of St. Aloysius High School Jabalpur
have jointly contributed Rs. 10,000/00 towards an OBA scholarship which will take effect from the 2008-
2009 academic session.
The brothers jointly in addition to the above generous contribution say.
"We wish the Association continued success". The President and Committee Members gratefully
acknowledge this scholarship. It will be used annually for poor students of our school. The name/names
will be recommended by the Principal of the school.
Walter D'Souza
When you reach the top floor don't forget to send the lift down for others.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 13
In the early days after our Association was founded the subscription for membership was in two
parts. There was a fee of Rs. 3/- per year later raised to Rs. 5/- per year for temporary membership till one
touched Rs. 100/- or a full one time payment of Rs. 100/00 to be granted life membership.
The Executive Committee carried out a review of the temporary member's status. It was felt the
Association did not have the infrastructure to collect Rs. 3/00 Rs. 5/- per year or the ability to maintain such
The list of temporary members was tabulated and circulated. Irrespective of how much their contribution
stood at, an offer was made to them to pay Rs. 50/00 and become a life member. Many took
advantage of the offer and the Association shed a big load of maintaining piece meal payments which was
discontinued with immediate effect. Temporary members ceased to exist. The Executive Committee further
delved into the subscription aspect. It was decided an ex student who applied for life membership
within 10 years of completing his schooling would pay a life time subscription of Rs. 100/- After 10 years it
would be Rs. 500/- for a lifetime membership. It was argued after 10 years of passing out a student begins
earning, further Rs. 100/- is a pittance today by any standard for a life membership.
These rates could come under review from time to time with the devaluation of the rupee.
In the AGM 2008-2009 the proposal to drop the prefix life before member will be put up and approval
As this goes to press the AGM 2008-2009 was held in Apr 2009 and the above proposal passed. So
now we have just members of the OBA.
The new committee took over in Oct 96 and immediately a new comprehensive policy letter on OBA
scholarships was issued that drew universal approval.
The next aspect accorded priority was a "list" of life members and temporary members of our
Association to be circulated to all.
The President on his own decided he would turn out not a "list" but a "telephone directory cum
address book." Easier said than done. But we reckoned without the dedication determination and sincerity
of the President Walter DSouza. He never let up in his efforts to make the Directory a reality. His family
chipped in to take on this Herculean task. The Directory 2002 sent to all members all over the would was
free of cost a feather in the cap of the OBA Executive Committee.
The Directory 2002 also included diverse information useful to all local members. A card carrying a
summarized railway time table and airways flights concerning Jabalpur was also issued with the Directory
2002. Telephone numbers of the Army Exchange its Regiments COD GCF OFK hotels restaurants civil
administration hospitals and clubs are some of the features of the Directory 2002.
There were a few blank spaces in the Directory with only the name but no address or telephone
number. The President stuck to his task and 90% of these blanks have been filled up.
Many a relationship was renewed after decades thanks to the Directory 2002.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 14
For years many ex students claimed life membership of the Association but could never prove it.
The issue of the Identity Card in 2003 put paid to such pretentions.
A sample of the I card appeared in our Souvenir 2003. It was pocket sized neat having clarity brevity
and the shadow effect of our Alma mater.
It was a feather in the cap of this Committee. It set our Association apart from other ex student
Associations- yes we have our own Identity Cards.
It was always there in the hearts and minds of every OBA life member. When will a list of OBA
members with their names addresses and telephone numbers be prepared and circulated. It happened
and gladdened the hearts of many an old Boy-OBA Directory 2002.
The OBA Directory 2002 was not a flash in the pan. Close on the heels of the release of this "best
seller came the OBA Souvenir 2003 covering 1873-2002.
Many would have shuddered at the thought of taking up such a task leave alone executing it to
finality From cover to cover for sheer collation of photos and material it was a "Nobel Prize" winning effort.
Kudos to all those who pieced it together.
The remark from an ex student who is not a life member but came across it in UK was "once I
picked it up I could not put it down and read it from cover to cover." That was enough acknowledgement for
an outstanding piece of work.
The Souvenir 2003 was sent to all Life Members free of cost at their doorstep and adorns many a
home all over the globe.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 15
The Annual General Meeting is a wonderful platform for our life members to meet once a year
exchange notes greetings and express/ share our ideas for the growth of the Association.
Two heads are better than one. The better the attendance the more the interaction between members.
There is a wider range of talent to elect a more diverse and talented committee. In the final analysis
it is the Association that benefits from a better attendance.
The attendance at the AGM has been steadily falling over the years. A subsidised lunch was introduced
after the AGM. A good 3 course non veg/ veg at Rs 20/- the attendance picked up.
Last year (2007-2008) the attendance was a poor 15. In 1996 when the new look committee was
elected it was record 50.
There is no bar to anyone being elected to the post of President Secretary Treasurer or an Executive
Committee member. Come to the AGM with a positive attitude give constructive criticism do not form
groups or target any one committee member.
If proposed for a post and you have the talent agree to accept the nomination.
To eliminate the " I didn't know" "I was'nt informed" syndrome a fixed date has been chosen for the
AGM the last Sunday of April each year.
May we ask you to set aside two hours in a year to attend the AGM. We look forward to seeing a
house full at the AGM April 2010.
The Executive Committee started looking more critically at many aspects of our functioning. The
first step to obtain life membership is to fill the membership form.
The Executive Committee felt that each applicant must be introduced by a life member on the form
in a space reserved for the same. It was further decided that a passport size photograph is a must from the
applicant to complete the formalities.
Receipts will be made only when the membership application form is correctly filled and passport
size photograph submitted.
A permanent membership number will then be allotted via a permanent membership card.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 16
From time to time certain ex students when asked to join the OBA or why they never enrolled as
members expressed that it was only for Catholics. This was only a presumption and not based on facts.
When the school was opened to all would our revered Mr E P O'Sullivan have restricted the membership
to Catholics only. The Constitution drafted by our Founder does not specify any restrictions on membership
for any caste or creed.
If one looks up the old membership registers of our first members one will find so many members
from all walks of life caste creeds and religions on our rolls. They whole heartedly took part in all our
functions with no reservations.
Let us not have any life member express any reservations in any aspect of our functioning on non
secular grounds.
In the recent past within the decade we cover, so many of our non Christian brothers have served
on our Executive Committees including the Organising Committee of the recently concluded Platinum
Jubilee Celebrations Dec 2007.
An ongoing and recurring problem that came up before the new Committee was claims by ex
students that they were life members and/or had paid but their names did not appear on the life membership
list. In all cases they were not able to produce a receipt for membership payment nor did their names
appear in the many lists that were prepared from time to time by the previous Secretary.
Our President Walter DSouza went through the records of Mr E P OSullivan's time with a fine tooth
comb. He collated the names of all living life members. A permanent membership number was allotted
alphabetically to each member based on his surname Example Mr Lazy Bones OBA-B4. All new members
are now allotted permanent membership cards.
This has put a full stop to all incorrect claims for membership.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 17
On 12 Oct 1986 Mr E P O'Sullivan our Founder Member and the Grand Old Man of Jabalpur
passed away. He left behind many memories of a great personality that once strode the corridors of time
in St Aloysius High School. He had created nutured and left behind his beloved OBA.
Since that faithful day many committees have occupied the vaccum he left behind. None thought of
giving his and his wife's resting place in the Christian Cemetery Bilhari Mandla Road a face lift or caring
they deserved.
During the period under review this Committee bounded both graves with an iron grill. A board
proclaiming our Founder Member lies here and these graves are and will be maintained by the OBA.
The graves of Master Hubert Seldon and Master Basil Bastian two of our boarders who drowned at
a school picnic in 1952 were similarly renovated and fresh boards replaced the old rusted ones. After all
they were boarders and have no one in Jabalpur today.
Our life members are spread all over the world. With the passage of time and the escalating cost
of postage life members outside Jabalpur and especially abroad got out of touch.
The OBA Directory 2007 was a master stroke. We now had addresses and therefore contact with
95% of our life members.
Our President Walter DSouza after completing the Directory 2002 has gone a step further. Whenever
he has visited any station he has made it a point to call on our life members. This has added a
personal touch to our Association functioning and has been appreciated by the many life members who
have been called on.
The very senior life members have been given preference when visiting a station. Mr Lucas Reis
(84) Mumbai Mr (I G Police) P K Padmanabhan (75) Mumbai. Mr George D'Mello (78) Mumbai Mr Joe Dias
(80) Nagpur. Dr Victor Fernandes (99) Pune. Lt Col Jal Penty (80) Devlati. Mrs Melaney DSouza w/o our
President has also chipped in. When visiting Canada she called on or visited our life members. She made
a special effort to visit Mr Altheo D Mello (Passed out 1942) in Canada. He broke down when he heard who
has called and the OBA connection of his old School. Bangalore and Goa are other stations where our
members were visited by Walter and Melaney DSouza.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 18
Jabalpur is a small city and we Aloysians and OBA Life Members have many occasions to meet at
weddings and anniversary receptions OBA socials St. Aloysius Feast Day, OBA Annual Function and the
The conversation always veers around to our OBA Life Members dotted all over the globe. You
mention a name and the reaction is 'Oh he is doing very well" If this be true then what happens when the
OBA asks for a donation/advertisement then the Life Member who is 'Doing very well' does not figure in the
donation list.
One of our senior life Members was contacted through our circular of 2003 to contribute to the
Jabalpur Diocese Golden Jubilee 2004. His initial reply was " I did not receive the letter". Later on learning
that he was in India the same letter was sent by courier service and received but no donation or reply
Another of our Life Members serving in India is doing extremely well in his profession thus financially
very well off commented. "The OBA only contacts when they need a donation. In the period under
review his name appeared in Mr.E.P. OSullivans records. It took many letters to obtain his present address.
Since them the Directory, Souvenir 2003 Newsletter 2004 and all other circulars and letters have
been sent to him No donation was asked from him till the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations In a decade he has
never acknowledged any magazine or letter What a comment from him.
Yes the litmus test for all our "he is doing very well Life Members proved negative barring two Life
Members from Canada /USA the rest from these countries remained unresponsive from 18 life members.
The Norbertines of the Abbey of Berne, Holland, had come to India as missionaries in the year
1923. They first took up missions in Andhra Pradesh but in 1929, they came over to the North in the
Jabalpur region and took up mission apostolates, mainly in the army and railway bases of the region like
Jabalpur, Sagar, Katni and Nainpur. Later on, they moved into the interior of Mandla District and established
many mission stations in the rural villages. The Jabalpur region assigned to the Norbertines became a
prefecture in the year 1932 and Msgr. C. Dubbelman, one of the pioneers of the Norbertines in India became
its first Prefect Apostolic. Later it was elevated to a Diocese in 1954, and he became the first Bishop
of Jabalpur. The Diocese was entrusted to the Norbertines till the year 1966 in which year the administration
of the diocese was handed over to the indigenous diocesan clergy.
Till the year 1942, there was no move to recruit Indians into the Norbertine Order as such. The
Diocese was managed entirely by the Dutch Norbertines of the, Abbey of Berne. In the year 1942, two
Indians (Fr. Prem and Fr. Prakash) were recruited for the Norbertine Order, but there was no novitiate
established for their training. The recruits were sent for their philosophy training at St. Albert's College,
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 19
Ranchi, and in the year 1946 were admitted to the novitiate at the Abbey of Berne, Holland, where they
completed their theological training. Over the years, 13 candidates were sent to Holland for their training
and eventual membership in the Order in India. Those who had returned from their training in Holland were
absorbed into the Diocese of Jabalpur as Missionaries and worked along with the other Dutch and Diocesan
In 1960, if the Abbey of Berne, NL, decided to set up a Priory in India as a dependent house where
the canonical life could be lived and Indian recruits to the Order do their Novitiate and have their formation
for the priesthood. Thus St. Norbert Priory was established in the year 1962, at Jamtara, Jabalpur. Four
Indians who had completed their minor seminary training at St. Augustine Seminary, Jabalpur were admitted
in 1963 to the first Novitiate at Jamtara. The late Fr. Rudy Rooymans was apoointed as first Prior by
then Abbot Haselager and A. Prakash and Fr. R. Bent were appointed to the staff of the Priory.
It's said, "Rome was not built in a day" ,neither was St. Norbert Priory. There were several difficulties
at the beginning which our courageous pioneers had to encounter. As the approach road to the priory
was a muddy one, it was a Herculean task to walk on foot or to ride on a bicycle during monsoons. It is
nothing else than the loyalty and commitment to the cause of the Norbertine mission that helped them face
and overcome these adverse situations and challenges. In 1970 this extremely unpleasant trial was over
with a 'better' road built at expense of the priory.
The year 1967 was a memorable one for the Priory, as Fr. Nicholas Ambrose, O. Praem took over
the helm from Fr.R.Rooymans. As the priory was in its initial stages, the new Prior had to face many
challenges and responsibilities boldly and firmly, In 1973, he handed over the leadership to Fr. Theophane,
O.Praem, a man of great determination, duty and dedication, who held double offices, as Delegate of the
Abbot (1971-'77) & Prior (1973-'75) Fr. A.S.Prakash, O.Praem (1975-76) and Fr. P.V Benedict, O.Praem
(1977-'83) succeeded as Priors.
Down the years several young men from different parts of the country have listened to the call of God and
entered this Priory to follow the Norbertine way of religious life. In 1970, the first batch of Frs lose Pratap
Anand and Ranadhir were ordained Priests on the Priory premises itself. Abbot Jenral Norbert Calmels, O.
Praem, Rt. Rev, Leobard D'Souza of Jabalpur Diocase, Abbot Marcel van de ven, de ven, O.Praem from
Berne. NL and many other dignitaries were present on this auspicious occasion.
St. Norbert Priory was raised to the status of sub-Canonry on July 31, 1976 declared as an Autonomous
Norbertine Canonry on February 15, 1984 Fr. Rajesh Kuruvilla, O.Praem (1983-1987), was elected
as the first Prelate/Prior de Regimine followed by Fr. Nicholas Ambrose, O.Praem (1987-1993), and Fr.
Rocky D'Souza, O.Praem (1993-99).
October 7,2000 was yet again a historical day not only for the Norbertine canonry of Jamtara but for
the Church in India as well. On this day, St. Norbert Priory was elevated to the sstatus of ST.NORBERT
ABBEY and Rt.Rev.Nicholas Ambrose, O.Praem became first Abbot who received his abbatial blessing on
November 13,2000. The Rt.Rev.Rocky D'Souza, O.Praem was elected as the second Abbot of St. Norbert
Abbey on August 1,2003 and received his abbatial blessing on September 17,2003.
Today, St. Norbert Abbey, Canonry of Jamtara has four flourishing Dependent Priories in Mumbai
(1966), Varanasi (1972), Quilon (1974), Trichy (1977), and new foundation in the Diocese of Khunti, Jharkhand
(2003), besides abbey confreres working in dioceses of Jabalpur, Indore Nagpur and in Germany and The
Netherlands and studying in Rome, our Canonry Membership is ninety-one solemn professed confreres,
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 20
working in thirteen dioceses and actively involved in pastoral, educational, social, village development,
formation & media/communication apostolates. We have around sixty-three fraters/seminarians studying
in five study houses in Pune, Nagpur Ranchi, Trichy and Quilon.
Over the years, St. Norbert Abbey, Canonry of Jamtara has received God's blessings abundantly.
We look forward to receiving His further blessings in the years to come. Because we believe that it is only
with his grace that we are able to carry on the mission we have begun. We pray that through the intercession
of Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Norbert, may our Lord Jesus Christ lead us on our journey ahead.
1. A Study Report on Independence coordination and Resources of the Norbertine Community in
India 1980.
2. Praem Parivar, "St. Norbert Abbey: Joyful Reminiscences" by Abbot Rocky D'Souza O.Praem, vc.
VNo.2 Jul 2008.
This article has been specially reproduced in our magazine from their Silver Jubilee Souvenir
1984-2009. Our very senior members have fond memories of this location as a Priory and picnic spot
Many of our students were attracted here and answered the call to priesthood.
The Salesians of Don Bosco are a worldwide congregation of over 16,000 priests and brothers,
who dedicate their lives for the uplift of youth especially the poor at risk and the abandoned. Besides
parishes and missions they run academic schools. technical schools, vocational training centers sand
hornes for street children. They have been working in India for over 100 years and presently number over
2,500 members. They have been founded by Don Bosco 1815-1888, who was born of a peasant family in
Turin, Northern Italy.
The Calcutta Province of the Salesians extended its services to the Diocese of Jabalpur by establishing
a non-formal vocational training center at Lalipur, Mandla in the late 1980's Subsequently on 30th
November 1991 the Salesians purchased a property at the 4th Mile, Tilheri on Mandla Road, Jabalpur for
the purpose of establishing an aspirantate or training center, catering for Class X passed youth showing
signs of a vocation to the Salesian life.
The first group of six Salesian aspirants arrived in Jabalpur in July 1992 and began studying in St.
Thomas Higher Secondary School on 13th July 1992. The institution which became known as Don Bosco
Yova Sadan was canonicaly erected by Very Rev. Fr. Egidio Vigano, the Rector Major, was canonically
erected by Very Rev. Fr. Egidio Vigano, the Rector Major of the Salesians on 21st . July 1992.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 21
The small community was housed in temporary quarters adapted from sheds formerly used for a
poultry farm. Though the first years were very difficult the enthusiasm and spirit of sacrifice of the first
groups of Salesians and aspirants was truly exemplary.
The foundation stone of the future aspirantate building was blessed and laid by Rev. Fr. Thomas
Polackal, the Salesian provincial of Calcutta on 29th May 1993 in the presence of a number of Salesians,
local clergy, religious and friends. The second group of aspirants arrived on 21st. June 1993 and was given
temporary accommodation in the Abbey at Jamtara, thanks to the kindness of the Norbertines who have
always been very supportive and encouraging towards the Salesians. By mid July 1994 the number of
aspirants had grown to 50.
The blessing and inauguration of the new building took place on 6th August 1995. It was blessed by
Rt. Rev. Theophane O. Prem, Bishop of Jabalpur in the presence of Very Rev. Fr Thomas Polackal,
Salesian Provincial and many priests, religious and friends.
After the bifurcation of the Calcutta Salesian Province in 1997, Don Bosco Yuva Sadan became
part of the newly erected Salesian Province of New Delhi which geographically wise is the largest of the
ten Indian Salesian provinces. It extends from Jammu Kashmir to Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa in
the South.
Don Bosco Yuva Sadan aims at preparing future Salesians to serve the youth in the puri-cultural
multi-religious states of North India. The aspirants receive an all -round human, spiritual and intellectual
formation along with an introduction to the life and mission of Don Bocso. They are trained to become
fluent in Hindi and English. Importance is given to faith formation, group dynamics, manual work, games,
sports, music, dramatics and public speaking.
Every year about 30 class X and class XII passed youngsters are recruited through vocation camps
in April-May in various centers of the province. After a preparatory year the Class X students continue their
studies for classes XI and XII in St. Thomas Higher Secondary School. It is noteworthy that up to date they
have all achieved cent per cent results and even at times secured distinctions.
Don Bosco Yuva Sadan has been pleased to accommodate several candidates for the diocese of
Jabalpur who undergo initial training and complete their high schooling togetherwith the Salesian aspirants.
While remaining true to the vision of Don Bosco, namely the empowerment of remaining true to the
vision of Don Bosco, namely the empowerment of youth especially the poorest, through quality education
and training permeated with Gospel values, this institution aims at preparing leaders not only for the Salesian
congregation but for the Church and society at large.
The harvest is great but the labourers are few. For a long time the Norbertine order
held sway for local vocations. Now the famed Don Bosco Institution has been
firmly established giving our local lads a choice. The President has close and
warm ties with the Yuva Sadan and the Rector Rev Fr. Diamond. He has been
around for six long years and the "jewel" in the crown of this very popular Institution.
May it grow in strength in the years ahead.
Walter D'souza
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 22
The Old Boys Association founded by Mr E P O Sullivan was a unique initiative in those days. By
becoming a member one maintained a link with the other Aloysians and the Alma Mater.
Our of sight out of mind. We may think that once we have passed out of school the link is broken
with your classmates who have moved out into this big wide world. We can and sometimes do wonder and
speculate where our classmates would be? What are they doing. ?
In the recent past one of the students mooted the idea of celebrating the Silver Jubilee of their batch
passing out from school. What a great idea but could it be a reality. One two or more from that batch had
to take the initiative. A lot of hard work was required. Would the idea and the dream die a natural death or
would it take root sprout grow and set a trend for others to follow.
The 1980 batch buckled down to the task. The initial letters went out. The dye was cast. The
wheels started moving. Hard work and dedication paid, out of a class of 60 students 23 responded positively
and attended the celebrations. The trend had been set the road map was there for others to see and
A mock Assembly was held in the normal place followed by a classroom situation where each
retired/ serving teacher took a ten minute period. The classmates then introduced themselves and brought
all upto date with their lives after passing out. At the evening dinner the wives and children were introduced.
The 1983 batch was now bitten by the Silver Jubilee bug. They had a base to work on. They added
another dimension and rightly so. Three committee members of the OBA were invited. Of course the
Principals ex teachers present teachers of their time were invited. The support staff who work behind the
scenes were given equal importance at all the events, a commendable move. As the President of the OBA
I attended all that the 1983 batch had to offer from 8 am to 11 pm on 25 Jan 09.
At the mock Assembly and classroom situation I spoke on behalf of the OBA and gave our Founder
Mr E P OSullivan his due. At the evening dinner all our OBA publications were displayed along with blank
OBA membership forms. In a register all present recorded their details for future contact.
It was a warm friendly evening and we hope more batches take up the cue. Just hold on, 28 May 09,
I got an e mail from the 1959 batch asking for details and wanting to follow suit.
Being a new and welcome trend we are giving it more footage in this review.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 23
Many Year ago a batch left its High school - St Aloysius Senior Secondary School, to carve out a
niche for themselves in the world. The path ahead was uncertain, but they were carrying the talisman
"Virtus in Arduo", that steered them through to their respective destinations. Now, nearly twenty five years
later, as they look back, they realize that what they are is due, in good measure, to where they were that
many years and more ago. As they recall those years, a common sentiment wells in their hearts - Gratitude
to their teachers of St. Aloysius. For years , the faculty had strained every sinew to drill concepts to
those wayward minds. They had constantly raised the bar & driven the students into the new vistas of
learning. They had given a hand-holding that stood the students in good stead in life's journey ahead.
On 25th January 2009, time will stand still for the Aloysian 1983 batch as they all get together after
almost two and a half decades to revisit those times & pay of fitting tribute to their teachers.
We, Aloysians' promise to marks 25th Jan '09 as a watershed in the annals of St. Aloysius Senior
Secondary School.
With Best Compliments from :
The Alumni (1983) batch of St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur
It will be great pleasure to have you in our midst for this joyous occasion. We humbly request your
gracious presence for the entire program.
Program scheduled as follows
0800 hrs
St. Aloysius Senior
Secondary School.
(Fun class followed by
1030 hrs
St. Aloysius Ground
for cricket match
(Ex-students Vs
Present Students)
2000 hrs
Hotel Gulzar
(Felicitation of
Teachers followed by
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 24
St. Aloysius Higher Secondary School - Reunion
January 25th , 2009 Gordon Popkiss
Respected Fathers, Teachers, Friends and Spouses!
It is an honour and privilege for me to say a few words on behalf of our batch on this very special
day and time-Our Reunion after 25 years.
After all these years, trying to put words and expressions together was not easy for someone like
me. Who as I was, better on the field than in the class or on stage! I have chosen to put together a theme
for this evening as a time to COMMEMORATE' and a time to 'CELEBRATE'.
For once I chose to refer to the dictionary to look up the meaning of the two words.COMMEMORATE
and CELEBRATE..(something I never did..back then, and probably why I landed my career with the
Telecom Industry ..where in this age of modern communication, legends like Charles Dickens, Robert
Lewis Stevenson would be wriggling in their graves..when they would read and see the SMSs/emails
and the spellings we use to communicate).
Back to the first theme I have chosen - to COMMEMORATE.
In the Oxford Dictionary the meaning given is' celebrate in speech or writing, preserve in memory by
some celebration, to be a memorial of
To begin with I would like to commemorate our dear and beloved teachers who had a big impact
on our lives but are not here with us The Titan, Mr. Sullivan, The master of Chemistry - Mr. Bannerjee,
The icon of Physics and Algebra - Mr. Verma. The face of Geography - Mr. Gregory, The savvy and 'Oh my
Gosh' Mrs. Ghosh, When it came to Hindi our hearts sank with Mrs. Frank, And a teacher with one of
the most beautiful handwritings and a unique form Mrs. Majorie Brown, The strict, Rev Fr. Benedict
With his pinch and sneezes Rev.Fr. Menezes'Hey you boyand on the field it was yahoo' with Sir
Sahu Mr. Gabriel- the blaster, who shaped many of us to blow the bagpipe, beat the drums or become
band masters and many others.
I would also like you to join in and pause for a minute to remember the many other unsung heroes
like Francis- who controlled our lives with the toll of his bell. Thanks to him, I became a good sprinter as I
had to cover ground between the first gong and the last double bell. His timing and our pace determined
how the day would go the penalty for coming late for assembly, after breaks were severe and
memorable. For some of us it was once in a while, for some it was a habit, for some it was a feat to see
and be seen outside the class, especially with the 'butterflies' from the College.
How can we forget Mooda Bhai, Bhaijan at the Canteen, Gulva, Sindhi, Shankar the chaat wala
a place that set for us the reference for the taste of cream-rolls, samosas aloo bondas chaat, halwa,
aamsat and of course sowed the seeds of criminal or street smart mind (to experience first hand
stealing from the wallet, or not giving back change from errands), it also trained our minds on concepts like
who to be friends with during breaks and revolving credit even before the advent of credit cards.
Maali Dada, who taught us to appreciate nature, and nurture friendships outside the class in his
exclusive corner :
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 25
Please join me in remembering them in our hearts and minds as each one of us, knew them in
our own special way. May their souls rest in peace !
Today, we also thank God for our inspiring Teachers who are here with us and have joined us on the
short, symbolic journey of commemoration, Each one of them like us were different and each one of them
shaped us and our lives as individuals. We honor them today along with all the staff past, present and the
future for their exemplary work, passion, commitment to their vocation and for making us what we are
today and what our children will be.
On a day like this we also need to commemorate our Alma Mater- Higher, Faster, Stronger and the
illustrious St. Aloysius - our patron and young saint.
The other Theme that I have chosen for this evening is to CELEBRATE! Again going back to the
dictionary the meaning being to mark a special event; to engage in festivities after a special event'.
A momentous day like this would not be possible without the untiring efforts of some people like
(please insert names and appreciation)for our teachers who took the time and not only to be with us
today and rekindle our hearts and minds but also for going down memory lane with us of the good old days.
Today we have in our own way reinforced connection and bonds. Today has also helped us take
stock. ponder. relive and reminiscent the past.
I would also like to thank each one of you who made it for this event and my heart reaches out to
those who could not make it. We did miss you but you missed something too!
Let us enjoy this evening together, And as we do so, let us pledge once more that we will exemplify
our Alma Mater by playing our part in the society we will live in. the corporations we lead and work for, in our
families that we head or contribute towards.
Let us commit to stay on course and excel in everything we do let us strive to be even more
stronger, faster, higher . ! On this very special evening let us more than share our success, more than
catch up, more than pat ourselves on our backs let us renew ourselves to face the tough and challenging
world ahead of us. Let us prepare ourselves to be global citizens, let us actively participate in building
our nation and make a difference.
Wishing you a great evening and best wishes for the future until we meet again!
I would like to conclude with an lrish Prayer
May the road rise up to meet you
And the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall soft upon your fields
May you stand tall like the mighty mountains
May you over come every challenge and adversity
May peace and success be yours
And until we meet again, may the Lord keep you safe and secure in the palm of his hands.
Thank you and have a wonderful and memorable reunion until the next one.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 26
Walter & Melaney D'Souza "SHALOM', Behind Head P.O
Jabalpur 482001
Phone : 2678377
email :
Date : 29 Jan 2009
Dear Dr. Narinder Singh Sandhu,
The dust has settled on your batch Silver Jubilee Celebrations in January 2009. The idea was
unique, the planning meticulous, the schedule hectic, and the execution "spot on".
It felt good to know, and see, that our ex-Aloysians had not forgotten their educational roots and still
remembered their Teachers with so much admiration and respect, which is becoming of the basics
they instilled in their students. It was gratifying to note that the Support Staff was not forgotten,
but given their due, as we sat in the same gathering at all times in a spirit of camaraderie. The batch
returned home laden with beautiful memories of an unprecedented get-together.
The evening's function was the icing on the cake and your spokesperson, Mr. Gordon Popkiss,
stole the show with a free, frank and informal yet humorous speech that covered all aspects of
such a function.
The Old Boys Association of the Alma Mater is grateful to your organizing committee for extending
an invitation to the President, Secretary and Joint Secretary with their families. They enjoyed your
hospitality and the friendly atmosphere.
Kudos to all those who made this dream a reality !!!
With best wishes.
A fellow Aloysian
Walter D'souza
Old Boys Association
St. Aloysius Sen Sec School
Jabalpur 482001
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 27
In our editorial we have mentioned that the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations December 07
was a good leveler for judging our life members
By virtue of our life members having a common educational background and living in a
small city as Jabalpur we know each other very well. No one can put on a false front.
The lack of enthusiasm of our life members to volunteer to serve on any committee the
poor response to the return of self addressed postcards the paucity of articles for the Souvenir the
reluctance to send a small donation or obtain an advertisement the bankruptcy of ideas on how to
run the Jubilee the poor attendance at the memorial service of our Founder and the visit to his final
resting place all reflect our attitude and commitment to the OBA as life members.
No local member can make tall claims to his contribution monetary wise or idea wise less
two. One year's notice was given to all. Ideas were called for well in advance but nothing was
When the final programme was issued one knowledgeable Life Member remarked that "he
was disappointed with the programme and expected something better" . He was promptly asked
what he had in mind gave no reply initially but later asked for more time to reply. To date his version
has not been received. What prevented him sharing his views when the circular/postcard was
sent or easier still making a phone call to offer his suggestions.
One praiseworthy suggestion was made by Mr. Dominic Nazareth our Secretary. He said
the OBA should get a Special Day cover released on the occasion by the postal department. This
gigantic task was made possible by our President Walter D'Souza.
Let us remember in a small city like JABALPUR we cannot pull the wool over anyone's
eyes We all know each others capabilities and limits. Any attempt to befool the other Life Member
or the committee will only lead to avoidable exposure.
The show goes on and no one is indispensable. We cut our coat according to our cloth and
ran the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations which in planning and execution was rated a huge success.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 28
The OBA Platinum Jubilee year loomed large on the horizon. A decision had to be taken keeping all
factors in mind whether we had the infrastructure to take on and execute our Platinum Jubilee Celebration
plans when formulated.
At an Executive Committee Meeting the decision was taken to go ahead. At the AGM 2006-2007 it
was decided that the Executive Committee elected would continue for a two year tenure till 31 March
2008 in view of the Celebrations.
The dye was cast. A letter went out to all 148 local members stating the various committees that
were required to be constituted to successfully run the celebrations.
Only 15 Life Members returned the tear off portion. Many just wrote "volunteer in general" hot any
specific committee. Others returned the lower portion with no remarks and one or two the complete letter
as received only with signature appended. Many Life Members returned the slips when contacted in
person or met incidentally.
The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations went through successfully in spite of the thin support.
The letter asking for volunteers for various committees did not draw the desired response. The
President was not discouraged. He sent out 148 self-addressed postcards addressed to the President's
home address. He asked for suggestions advice opinions on how to run the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.
If not the aforesaid then a word of encouragement to the Executive Committee was the minimum a life
member was asked to contribute via the postcard.
Only 20 postcards came back
It was seen over the years life members found it difficult to respond to information asked for or join
a social gathering. They did not want to give the written information asked for to any committee member
though easily contactable and conveniently located.
The self-addressed postcard theory came up. So convenient just jot down a few lines and post the
same at any post box near your home. It did not work.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 29
When the old Committee handed over charge in 1996 they failed to hand over the old flannel embroidered
OBA flag. Many years elapsed and in spite of our best efforts the old flag could not be located.
With the Platinum Jubilee Dec 2007 around the corner the present Committee secured a new flag
which was installed and proudly displayed at our inaugural function when the Special Day cover December
2007 was released on 26 Dec 07. See back outer cover for our new flag on display.
The new OBA flag was given pride of place on the stage for all to see and reflects clearly in all our
The subscription for membership of ex students has not changed since founding in 1932 just Rs
100/- provided you become a member within 10 years of passing out of school.
In the financial world prices have shot up 10 fold. The value of the rupee has fallen drastically and its
purchasing power has declined sharply. But our subscription remains at Rs 100/-
Postage was Rs 1/Rs 2/- for letters within India. Today it is Rs 5/- Letters to foreign addresses
outside India by Air Mail were Rs 8/- book post and Rs 12/- sealed. Today the cost for the same is Rs 25/
00 book post and Rs 30/-sealed by air mail. Magazines that were posted to you within India at Rs 30/- and
Rs 60/- abroad have now been raised to Rs 60/- and Rs 125/- respectively.
In the last ten years under review the Committee has been regularly sending you letters circulars
reports. Directory 2002 Souvenir 2003 Newsletter 2004 and Platinum Jubilee correspondence (total 6
letters) and a Platinum Jubilee Souvenir (if booked).
How far does your Rs 100/- stretch ? Don't you think you got your value for your Life Membership
subscription by way of postage alone?
For the Platinum Jubilee Dec 07 the Committee asked you to send a donation/advertisement. Did
you, answer for yourself from the list of donours one can see how many responded. Can we run a
Platinum Jubilee Celebration based on your Rs 100/- life membership fee.
It was sad to see the response even from our affluent members. I am sure in all these years we
wield enough influence to garner one advertisement from a contact if you do not/can not give a donation.
We dwell on this reluctance and poor response to give a donation in another article.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 30
Platinum Jubilee Celebrations : Dec. 07
YEAR 05 -06
YEAR 06 -07
S.N. Name Address of Donor Receipt No. Cash/Cheque Amount (Rs)
1. Mr. Hector DSouza Mumbai 101/3 Cash 1,000.00
2. Col. S.K. Ghosh Gwalior 51/2 Cash 1,000.00
Total 2,000.00
S.N. Name Address of Donor Receipt No. Cash/Cheque Amount (Rs)
1. Mr. Gerard Bent (Australia) 102/3 Cash 1,000.00
2. Mr. H. S. Baral (N Delhi) 103/3 Cheque 1,000.00
3. Mr. Altheo D Mello (Canada) 104/3 Cash 3,750.00
4. Mr. Noshir Dick & Brothers (JBP) 105/3 Cheque 10,000.00
5. Mr. Noshir Dick 106/3 Cheque 250.00
YEAR 07 - 08
Sr.No. Name & Address of Donor Receipt No. Date Cash/Cheque Amt. (Rs.)
1 Lt. Col. J.A.L. Penty 52/2 14-Apr-07 Cheque 1000.00
2 Mr. Mario Sequeira 107/3 4-Apr-07 Cash 1000.00
3. Mr. Valentine Anthony, Thane 110/3 11-May-07 Cheque 1000.00
4. Mr. Ravi Marwaha, USA 111/3 11-May-07 Cheque 1000.00
5. Capt. Alan Edwin Tate (Rtd.), JBP 114/3 11-May-07 Cheque 1000.00
6. Capt. Alan Edwin Tate (Rtd.), JBP 115/3 11-May-07 Cheque 250.00
7. Mr. Chartes Clarke, UK 116/3 11-May-07 Cash 1259.00
8. Avelino Dias Villa Averty, Goa 57/2 27-Jun-07 Cheque 1250.00
9. Mr. Maurice Dunne, Katni 1/1 01-Jul-07 Cheque 1000.00
10. Mr. Daryl Nazareth, Nagpur 2/1 15-Jul-07 Cash 250.00
11. Mr. Saroop Chandiramani, USA 59/2 16-Jul-07 Cheque 1912.00
12. G.S. Shekhar, Solan (H.P.) 58/2 30-Jul-07 Cheque 1000.00
13. Arvind Sarin, United Kingdom 60/2 31-Jul-07 Cheque 5000.00
14. Mr. Owen Doulton, Pune 61/2 31-Jul-07 Cheque 3000.00
15. Mr. James Bernard D Mello, GOA 62/2 31-Jul-07 Cash 500.00
16. Mr. Ronnie Fernandez, GOA 63/3 31-Jul-07 Cash 1000.00
17. Mr. Parso Mansukhani, Mumbai 64/2 31-Jul-07 Cash 1000.00
18. Mr. Lawrence Plettell, Bangalore 65/2 01-Aug-07 Cheque 1000.00
19. Mr. John Plettlell, Australia 66/2 01-Aug-07 Cheque 2000.00
20. Mr. Jude Rocque, Bangalore 3/1 05-Aug-07 Cash 500.00
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 31
21. Mr. Shravan Patel, JBP 67/2 17-Aug-07 Cash 1200.00
22. Mr. Ashish Banerjee, JBP 4/1 20-Aug-07 Cheque 5000.00
23. Lt. Gen. W,A,G. Pinto, Pune 68/2 21-Aug-07 Cheque 6050.00
24. Mr. Victor DeSa, U.S.A. 69/2 21-Aug-07 Cheque 1500.00
25. Col. S.K. Ghosh, Pune 72/2 08-Sep-07 Cheque 1000.00
26. Col. S.K. Ghosh, Pune 73/2 08-Sep-07 Cheque 500.00
27. Mr. Frank Murray, JBP 117/3 09-Sep-07 Cash 1000.00
28. Mr. Gordon Murray, Bengalore 118/3 09-Sep-07 Cash 1000.00
29. Mr. Neville Dick 119/3 23-Sep-07 Cheque 1000.00
30. Mr. Byram Mistry, Canada 75/2 31-Oct-07 Cash 1000.00
31. Mr. Anthony Leo Mascarenhas, Bangalore 76/2 02-Nov-07 D.D. 2500.00
32. Mr. Trevor DSouza & Eric Rocque, Chennai 77/2 02-Nov-07 Cheque 1000.00
33. Mr. Marshall D Mello Canberra 121/3 10-Nov-07 Cash 1000.00
34. Mr. Raymond Das, Assam 78/2 15-Nov-07 Cheque 1000.00
35. Mr. John Phil Vaz, Goa 79/2 15-Nov-07 Cheque 1200.00
36. Mr. Ian Bourbon, Australia 80/2 15-Nov-07 Cash 5226.36
37. Mr. Deepak Malhotra Bangalore 122/3 20-Nov-07 Cheque 3200.00
38. Cdr. Christopher DSouza, Mumbai 5/1 27-Nov-07 Cash 1000.00
39. Cdr. Brian Stephens, Mumbai 6/1 27/-Nov-07 Cash 1000.00
40. Mr. Gavin DSouza, Bangalore 7/1 8-Dec-07 Cash 700.00
41. Dr. Ashok Barat, Jabalpur 85/2 8-Dec-07 Cheque 1000.00
42. Mr. Dennis Femandez, Jbp 86/2 08-Dec-07 Cash 1000.00
43. Mr. Vincent DSouza, Jbp 87/2 08-Dec-07 Cash 1000.00
44. Mr. Sharad Mittal, Jbp 8/1 22-Dec-07 Cash 1000.00
45. Mr. N.S. Patanjali, Jbp 9/1 22-Dec-07 Cheque 1000.00
46. Mr. Leslie Niblett, Australia 89/2 22-Dec-07 Cash 1000.00
47. Mr. J.T.& C.M. Tully, Australia 90/2 24-Dec-07 Cheque 1000.00
48. Mr. Raman Madhok Goa 91/2 27-Dec-07 Cheque 2000.00
49. Mr. Tarun Neogi, Jbp 10/1 31-Dec-07 Cheque 1000.00
50. Mr. Xavier Braganza, N. Zealand 11/1 06-Jan-08 Cheque 5000.00
51. Brig. Sudhir Johar (Rtd.), Kolkata 93/2 08-Jan-08 Cheque 1100.00
52. Mr. Reggie Carvalho, Mumbai 94/2 09-Jun-08 Cash 1000.00
53. Mr. Ainsley Niblett, Australia 95/2 09-Jan-08 Cash 5000.00
54. Mr. Roland Slaney, U.K. 96/2 29-Jan-08 Cash 3000.00
55. Mr. Roland Slaney, U.K. 97/2 08-Mar-08 Postal order 3788.00
56. Mr. Nari Dick, Jbp 98/2 10-Mar-08 Cheque 1000.00
57. Mr. Mark Maiden, U.K. 12/1 31-Mar-08 Cash 2250.00
58. Mr. Aloysius DSouza, U.K. 13/1 31-Mar-08 Cash 2250.00
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 32
The Organizing Committee for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 2007 met at regular intervals. Yes
two heads are better than one and so each time a new idea was mooted. Our aim was to replace the
stereotyped celebration for such occasions by punctuating it with something different.
At one meeting our secretary Mr. Dominic Nazareth raised a point that was readily accepted and
implemented. He said for the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations we should invite the widows of our local Life
Members and a few from outside Jabalpur the addresses of whom were confirmed.
Letters went out to our widows inviting them to all our functions and with a promise to see them
home after an evening function.
The name and address in Mumbai of the wife of the late Admiral Cursetji ex Chief of Naval Staff
Indian Navy our life Member was obtained and the letter of invitation sent to her. Our President Walter
D'souza even phoned her personally. She thanked the OBA profusely for remembering her on the occasion
and gave her best wishes and congratulations to the Association, Mrs Cursetji fondly recalled her
sojourn with her husband on the occasion of the Centenary Celebration 1973 of his Alma Mater St. Aloysius
High School Jabalpur. She regretted her inability to attend.
26th December 2007 dawned bright and clear. It was a day to be proud of in the history of St.
Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur. It was a red letter day in the history of our OBA.
The stage of the St. Aloysius School Auditorium was tastefully decorated by our Secretary
Mr. Dominic Nazareth. The backdrop was artistic and eye catching. It was the first event in our programme
of celebrations. Reproduced on our outer back cover the stage setting.
It was good to see Old Boys Mingling meeting and greeting each other. Many were meeting for the
first time after school days. The Department of posts was well represented. The Local press TV channels
camera men were active seeking out and interviewing our senior Members.
We enclose our Special cover released and below our statement of case required to be presented
to the Department of Posts in order to get sanction.
It was a lot of hard work that finally paid off.
Vincent D'Souza
Convenor, Special Cover Committee
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 33
St. ALOYSIUS HIGH SCHOOL, Jabalpur (M.P.) INDIA now St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School
has been a towering landmark in the field of Education since the 19th Century. The school was founded by
Fr. Montignoux in the year 1873.
On February 29, 1884 the school was recognised, having a total of 60 students. In 1896 one boy
appeared in the High School Examination and passed. In 1923 under a dynamic Principal, Fr. C.C.Fernandez,
who raised the school level-the first batch of students was sent up for the Senior Cambridge Exam conducted
by the local European Board. In 1912 Mr. Eugene Pinto(later know universally and affectionately as
Mr. E.P.O'Sullivan) joined the ranks of the teaching staff.
In 1932 without fanfare or flourish he founded the Ex-Students Association and named it OLD
BOYS ASSOCIATION (OBA) of St. Aloysius High School. He nurtured it over the years, maintaining meticulous
records in exercise books that have turned yellow with time.
With his loving care the Association grew in stature. Links were maintained with the school through
the many scholarships that the Association doled out to deserving students, and the healthy rivalry in
games and athletics on an annual basis. With the passage of time several Members moved out of Jabalpur/
India and settled in all parts of the world. It is a tribute to our Founder that he maintained contact with every
Member through an Annual Newsletter.
The strong foundation he gave the Association includes a comprehensive Constitution that has
helped to carry the OBA from one Millenium to the next.
This year we hit the glorious landmark of 75 years. The Association has progressed by leaps and
bounds. In the recent past we have turned out a Telephone Directory cim Address Book of members,
supplied Identity Cards and published a Souvenir covering the history of the School and events since 1873
and the OBA since 1932.
The number of school that have ex-student's associations can be counted on the fingers of one
hand. St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School is among the chosen few to have an Association.
Mr. E.P.O'Sullivan : His life was simple and the elements so mixed in him that Nature might stand
up and say to the world, "This was a gentleman."
On the completion of the 75th year today on December 26th, 2007 the Department of Posts is
happy to release this special cover and cancellation depicting the Alma Mater of this famous educational
institution and the Old Boys Association founded in 1932 from ex-students who are proud to be Aloysians.
The cancellation depicts the emblem of the Association imbibed from the school.
MOTTO : We maintain our traditions
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 34
After the conclusion of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations December 2007 a flood of
suggestions and criticism was expected. This is normal after the event, but it did not occur. Just
one verbal and one written criticism and suggestion respectively came from two life members.
The written suggestion cum shortcoming was by a very senior member. He felt the
attendance by local members at the functions was thin. He felt we should make enquiries and
ascertain the reasons for the same.
Do we really require to carry out an enquiry? What was lacking from the organisers side?
It was all there letters of our plans were given in four detailed letters a year in advance. The
programme of celebrations was given 2 months in advance. The release of the Special Day
cover by the Department of Post was a very special event. The visit to our Founder's grave was
a very unique remembrance For these events at least the attendance should have been good.
Every life member received intimation at his doorstep. The only thing lacking was commitment
will and the desire to attend.
Let each of us search our hearts and we will get the answer. Each life member answer for
himself and his family. What was your action reaction to the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
programme circulated to you. Did you make a phone call encouraging the organisers and thanking
them? Did you follow the basic protocol of acknowledging the "invitation" or sending your
regrets? Did you send a shabhash after the celebrations.
No an Inquiry is not required only a change in attitude on your part towards the OBA.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 35
1243/E-2 Sarthak Apartment
52, Narmada Road
5th February, 2009
Dear Walter and Melaney,
Trust these few lines find you in good health as the same prevails this end by the grace of Almighty
As I pen these few lines to you, I have the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir in my hand, which gives me
immense pleasure and revives old memories.
I would like to congratulate you for the hard work put in to bring out the Souvenir. It is informative,
colourful, error free and excellently compiled.
It is said, we must not worry about what people say as "public memory is short lived", but continue
the hard work for a noble cause.
Sir and Madam your work is praise worthy-planning, time management, dedication and selfless
service speaks volumes of your capacity to be the President of OBA. I feel you are ideal for the OBA.
I end my letter with lots of love and prayers to Almighty God to keep you both in good health.
Yours affectionately,
(Eugene Davidson)
Joint Secretary of OBA
In the Gospel it is written that Jesus cured ten lepers, but only one came back to thank him.
The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations are over and a Platinum Jubilee Souvenir was rolled out. Many
enjoyed the week of festivities but just one came back to say thank you yes just one. Two simple words that
mean so much that cost, nothing but in our OBA world is getting so difficult to come by. One of the first two
sets of word taught in school "Good morning" and "Thank you".
The OBA Directory 2002 Souvenir 2003 saw the same lukewarm response of recipients.
Reproduced below is our Lone Ranger's letter of thanks. Let us say thanks Eugene in return.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 36
This appraisal will reach all our members. This whole exercise had a purpose. We hope some portion will
touch some or all members ringing in a change of attitude. The Platinum Jubilee coming when it did was a
good litmus test for the Association and its Members. We leave it to you to assess from the appraisal
where the Association/you stand today and make a resolution to go many notches higher Let each Life
Member say "I resolve"
1. To attend the AGM each year on the last Sunday of April.
2. To accept at the AGM if proposed, my name for President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer or
Committee Member.
3. To contribute my talent towards the Association.
4. To respond to letters and circulars promptly and positively.
5. To speak up at cynics at the meetings.
6. To read carefully all letters sent to me and mail back to the address given and
definitely not Principal St Aloysius School.
7. If I am aware of any useful OBA information-tell two others.
8. To attend all OBA functions with family.
9. Not to join/form any groups within the Association.
10. To reach out to a Committee Member and not expect "home delivery"
11. Sacrifice something in my personal life and donate to the OBA when requested for a good cause.
12. Get myself an e-mail ID. The usage will cut down our postage costs.
13. To communicate my change of address and telephone number to my committee contact person.
14. To attempt to learn the truth before I point a finger.
15. Make a phone call and enquire rather than write a long-winded application/complaint.
16. To cooperate by accepting the info/mail distribution system of magazines letters circulars as long
as it reaches me.
17. To help if requested with the information distribution system for a particular area.
18. To address all cheques of banks in India and bank drafts of banks in India in the name of "Old Boys
Association Jabalpur" all cheques bank drafts should be payable in Jabalpur.
19. Let your change in attitude and resolve carry a punch.
Old Boys Association, St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur 37
Tow batches passed out in 1980 and 1983 were "back to the bowler". I never lost the chance to meet
and talk to them about their careers. Many had dreams in school of what they would like to be and
events had fallen in place. Others were not so lucky. They wanted to be in a particular line but
An Olympic swimmer - but the idea didn't hold water
A Teacher- but I was outclassed
A Lawyer - but the work didn't suit me
Forest Officer - but the work made me pine
Dentist -but I didn't want a hand to mouth existence
Bank Officer - but I could not generate enough interest
Formula One Driver - but I didn't have the drive
A poultry farmer- but I always returned the book I borrowed
Doctor- but each time I thought of it the idea made me sick
Crooner - but I couldn't face the music
Tour de France cyclist-but I lost my pedal pushers
Electrical Eng- but I knew nothing about current affairs
Billiard Champion - but no one gave me a break.
Mountaineer - but I didn't aim too high
Sky Diver - when I told my friends they said you want to be a dropout
Great Guitarist - but I was too highly strung
Be an Old Boys Association Life Member - But the Old Girl would not allow it.
Walter DSouza